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Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

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Programs of all-inclusive care for the elderly assist individuals that are at least 55 years. In order to qualify for programs off all-inclusive care for the elderly, you must meet more than just a simple age requirement. You must meet a criterion that is distinguished by the state and/or additions created by the program. The criteria that must be fulfilled in order to qualify for programs of all-inclusive care for the elderly are straightforward. You must be at least 55 years of age and reside in a location that has PACE service.  In addition to this, you have to live safely in these facilities and be certified by the state as an individual that needs care for survival.

This is normally termed as nursing home level care that is provided by PACE. Although you must meet these requirements to qualify for PACE , you do not have to enroll in Medicare or Medicaid to qualify for programs of all-inclusive care for the elderly. Criteria must also be met for full coverage of social services that allow elderly individuals to remain in their home after they are able to provide for themselves completely. The programs cover all care coverage from nursing home care to medical and rehabilitative care.

PACE coverage differs from Medicare and Medicaid coverage. For example, PACE services are available for use at all times. This means that you can get care every day of the week . There are no national holiday restrictions.  Most of the services that are provided take place in your communities designated PACE center. One of the major benefits of PACE is that the care can be offered through contraction of services. Many Medicare and Medicaid services are provided in combination with programs of all-inclusive care for the elderly.  You can expect to receive primary care, preventative care, hospital care, home care, adult day care, skilled nursing home care and emergency services. Other services that are possible through PACE include Physical Therapy, Restorative Therapy treatment, X-ray services, Speech-language Pathology services and transportation.

Programs of all-inclusive care for the elderly do not require deductibles or co-payment options for any prescriptions that are acknowledged by PACE. However, some restrictions apply based on your distinct situation. If you already have Medicare coverage, you are not responsible for paying a monthly premium as long as your current coverage is maintained. An individual may pay for PACE  if he or she does not have Medicare or Medicaid.  You can get all the details you need from your state insurance provider.