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North Dakota Part D Medicare Plans & Prescription Drug Coverage

Everyone with Medicare is eligible to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. The Medicare drug program is voluntary. Some people with Medicare will have to pay a monthly premium for the benefit as well as deductibles and co-payments. The premium for the prescription drug coverage is in addition to the premium paid for Medicare Part B. People with limited income and resources may receive help to reduce premiums, deductibles and co-payments. In any case, most people can expect to save money on their medicine if they enroll.

Basic facts about Medicare Part D:

  • Anyone on Medicare can enroll in a plan.
  • Drug plans have flexibility in designing their plans, within the guidelines of the Medicare Modernization Act.
  • It is voluntary.
  • Medicare prescription drug coverage helps pay for prescription brand name and generic drugs.
  • Medicare prescription drug plans provide insurance coverage for prescription drugs.
  • People wishing to continue using their local pharmacy must choose a plan it will accept.
  • People with drug coverage from an employer or union plan will receive notice from the plan indicating if that coverage is at least as good as the Medicare plan. Those with current coverage at least as good as the Medicare plan may want to continue their current coverage.
  • The patient will pay a share of the cost of prescriptions in addition to the monthly premium. The actual amount will vary depending on the drug plan.
  • There is a monthly premium to join a plan.

Those who do not use a lot of prescription drugs should consider enrolling in a Medicare prescription drug plan as prescriptions may be needed later. A later enrollment may mean a higher premium if the person does not enroll at the first opportunity.

Beneficiaries should sign up for a plan three months prior, the month of or three months after their 65th birthday. If a person continues to work after age 65 and has creditable coverage, they may not have to take a Part D plan until retirement.

Other things to keep in mind about Part D coverage:

  • A delay in signing up may cause a penalty.
  • A plan membership card will be sent to you from the drug plan. Show this to the pharmacist when you purchase a prescription.
  • Each year, during the annual enrollment period from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, beneficiaries can change plans. It is important to review Part D plans annually to make sure beneficiaries are enrolled in the most appropriate plan.
  • Each year, everyone in a prescription drug plan should have a plan comparison completed between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7, the annual enrollment period. The new plan will take effect Jan. 1 of the following year.
  • If you receive Medicare due to a disability, you can join from three months before to three months after your 25th month of disability payments.
  • In certain Medicare Advantage plans, prescription drugs are covered. However, remember that these MA plans are not appropriate for everyone.
  • The Medicare PDP usually becomes effective the month after you apply.

The list below contains the highest rated Medicare Part D prescription drug plans in the state of North Dakota. It is for informational purposes only and some listings may be inaccurate or missing. The list was provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), but due to the variance in plans based on county, city, and region, some options may not be available in your location.