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Proposed Medicare For All Act

Congress unveiled details of a “Medicare for All Act” back in 2019, which would have created a new federally-financed health system. The bill was not passed in 2019, but was reintroduced in 2022 with the same key features. Medicare For All would get rid of debilitating premiums, deductibles and copays, and eliminate crippling out-of-pocket expenses. The bill provides real freedom of choice — with coverage good at any hospital, outpatient clinic, surgery center, physician, lab and any other provider - to individuals qualified to participate under this Act. The bill proposes a simplified healthcare system by moving to a single-payer model, as Congress continues to feel pressure to take action on cutting healthcare costs. If passed, the Medicare For All Act will likely not impact the 2023 plan year.

Proposed Key Features:

  • 1 Universal coverage guaranteed for every resident of the United States.
  • 2 No copays or deductibles for any benefits provided under this Act. There may be exceptions.
  • 3 True freedom choice - no narrow networks, and you can also keep your doctor, hospital and other providers qualified to participate under this Act if you move or lose your job.
  • 4 A comprehensive list of services covered, including primary care, hospital care, reproductive health services, dental, vision, mental health, substance abuse treatment, prescription drugs, long term service and supports, the cost of transportation for disabled and low-income patients.
  • 5 Long term care for the disabled and elderly, with a priority on home and community services and support.
  • 6 A transition period. In the first year, residents over 55 and under 19 would be fully covered by Medicare. After the second year, individuals over 45 years of age would be covered.
  • 7 Promote the use of generic medications.
  • 8 A focus on improving health care in rural and underserved communities through special projects devoted to the building, renovation and staffing of health care facilities.

Until Medicare-for-All is passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President, Medicare eligibility will remain restricted to those that are age 65 or older and to those that have a qualifying disability or end-stage-renal-disease. Medicare-for-All has not been passed by either house of Congress as of late 2022, so you should not anticipate any changes to the short-to-midterm eligibility requirements for Medicare.

If you are already enrolled in Medicare but are interested in currently available Medicare options (not Medicare-for-All), we can connect you with a licensed insurance agent who may help you understand your options and possibly help you save money.

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