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Texas Medicare Supplement Plans

Texas offers many different ways for seniors to find Medicare supplement insurance. Medicare supplement insurance—sometimes called “Medigap”—fills in the gaps in your Medicare coverage to pay some of the expenses that original Medicare won’t pay. There are many types of policies and many different insurers that only provide certain types of Medigap plans. It is important for consumers to know that premiums and yearly payments vary throughout the state based on location, age, and currently level of health for seniors. A Medicare supplement policy only works with original Medicare, not with a Medicare Advantage plan. In Texas, the most-recognizable names in this market include: Aetna Health, Anthem/Blue Cross, Coventry Health and Humana Insurance. But these giants aren’t alone—there are dozens of smaller, regional insurance companies selling Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part C/Advantage plans here.

Here is a list of Medicare supplement plans available in the state of Texas. This data was accurate at the time of publishing, but may no longer be current. Please contact an advisor for more information.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies

Customer Service Number Plans Offered
Aetna Life Insurance Company
(800) 345-6022 A B C
American Continental Insurance Company
(800) 264-4000 A B G N
American Republic Corp Insurance Company
(888) 755-3065 A C F K L
Assured Life Association
(877) 223-3666 A B C D F G N
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance
(800) 241-1439 A F G K
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, a Division of Health Care Serv. Corp.
(888) 731-0415 A F G K L N
Central States Indemnity Company of Omaha
(866) 644-3988 A B C F N
Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company
(866) 361-1634 A C N
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company
(800) 361-1634 A B F G K L M N
Combined Insurance Company of America
(800) 361-1634 A F N
Continental General Insurance
(866) 459-4272 A F G N
Equitable Life and Casualty Insurance Company
(800) 352-5170 A F N
Family Life Insurance Company
(800) 877-7705 A B C D F G N
Forethought Life Insurance Company
(877) 492-5870 A C F G N
Gerber Life Insurance Company
(877) 778-0839 A F G
Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company
(800) 801-6831 A B C F
Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company
(866) 865-7631 A C F G N
Heartland National Life Insurance Company
(800) 373-4000 A D F G M N
Humana Insurance Company
(888) 310-8482 A B C F K L
Liberty National Life Insurance Company
(800) 331-2512 A B F N
Loyal American Life Insurance Company
(866) 459-4272 A B C D F G N
Madison National Life Insurance Company
(800) 277-3323 A B F G K N
Marquette National Life Insurance
(800) 934-8203 A D F G N
Medico Insurance Company
(800) 228-6080 A C F G M N
New Era Life Insurance Company of the Midwest
(800) 713-4680 A C D F G N
Old Surety Life Insurance Company
(800) 272-5466 A F
Oxford Life Insurance Company
(800) 308-2318 A F N
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
(800) 228-9100 A F G
Reserve National Insurance Company
(800) 654-9106 A C F N
Royal Neighbors of America
(800) 627-4762 A F G
Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company
(800) 247-1423 A B C D F N
Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company
(888) 350-1488 A B C F G K N
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
(866) 855-1212 A C F
State Mutual Insurance Company
(877) 800-1264 A B C D F G M N
Sterling Investors Life Insurance Company
(877) 896-6434 A B C D F G K M N
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
(800) 847-4836 A B C D F G L M
United American Insurance Company
(800) 331-2512 A B C D F G K L N
United Commercial Travelers of America, The Order of
(800) 848-0123 A B C D F G N
United National Life Insurance Company of America
(800) 207-8050 A C
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company of America
(800) 667-2937 A F G M
UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company
(800) 523-5800 A F G K L N
USAA Life Insurance Company
(800) 531-8000 A F
World Corp Insurance Company
(800)786-7557 A F